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Homeowners Watch Service

Welcome to Anderson Home Watch Services, your reliable home watch service provider while you are away!

Home Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. 


Trust, Reliability and Security are at the core of what we do at Anderson Home Watch Services.


We believe that every Home Owner deserves peace of mind in regards to their unoccupied property. 

Whether you are a seasonal resident,  away on business or vacation, we've got you covered!

Our  experienced North Myrtle Beach HomeWatch inspector can provide regular scheduled checkups on your home for you as absentee owners and make timely reports of observed vandalism, weather damage, pest infestations and electrical or mechanical malfunctions.

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               Bonded and Insured!



Anderson Home Watch Services is a local North Myrtle Beach business with experienced professionals to perform regular scheduled visits to your property in order to help safeguard your property from damages, vandalism, theft and much more!

OurHome Watch service is perfect for the business travelers, vacationers and absentee home owners how want a local liaison to assist with care of their home and property.

Home Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues. 




Let our professionals at Anderson Home Watch Services hold on to a set of keys for your property in case of emergencies!

When you need a contractor, insurance adjuster or emergency service to access your home, we can provide access at your request.

We will take photos upon your request.

The Key Holder Plan is reasonably priced and you can add the services you need when you need them at an hourly rate.



We offer a wide variety of concierge services at Anderson Home Watch Services in order to assist our clients.

Upon your return for either a short or long stay, we can help make the entire "getting back home" process seamless.

From grocery shopping to providing access for your scheduled maintenance services.

Just ask us what we can do for you!!

We are here to make your time away less stressful.


We are dedicated to offering you the best value possible for your money when it comes to Home Watch services. Below is a list of our recently added services to explore:

  • Emergency response

  • Storm preparation

  • Package & mail delivery pick up

  • Coordinated Cleaning Services

  • Contractor access 


Free Consultation

Complimentary Home Consultation

Anderson Home Watch offers a Complimentary Home Consultation.

We provide assessment and customize a check list based on your needs.

Our goal is to offer a quality customer experience and our pricing plan is designed so you can choose an inspection plan that works perfectly for you and your budget.

Call us today to schedule a consultation.


What is Home Watch Service?

A Home Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

Your home is inspected by a CHWP inspector looking for any obvious potential problems.

Anderson Home Watch will design a checklist based on your individual needs and concerns so you can relax while away from home.

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