We are dedicated to offering you the best value possible for your money when it comes to Anderson Home Watch services;


Why not trust a professional that is insured and bonded to provide you peace of mind while you are unavailable?


Below is a list of our added services to explore and charged at an hourly rate:

  • Emergency response to the client's residence during business and non-business hours

  • Anything happened that you would like us to check out in your apartment? We are available 24/7.

  • Storage of exterior loose items in clients garage or shed on property as directed by the homeowner

  • Meet and provide access to service or repair providers, and lock home after service completed

  • Package mail delivery and pick up/ accept amazon and grocery delivery

  • Coordinate for access of Cleaning Services

  • Meet and grant access to technicians and contractors; we can also send you photos of the work done.

  • Accept your important deliveries to your homes since you won’t be available to receive them.

  • Meet as your with your guests renters or friends at the beginning or end of their stay in your house

  • Check your home after a storm or power outage.

  • We make local contact for alarm, fire, police, neighborhood association, within a reasonable time, etc.

  • We do arrival and departure services by making the house ready for your arrival.

  • Lockout assistance

  • After each visit to your home, we will E-mail a time and GPS stamped report to you with details of what was done.

**All add on services are invoiced and paid in addition to your chosen monthly Home Watch Service Plan.

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