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The question we've always asked is, 'Who holds the key to your home?' We've seen situations where homeowners give their keys to neighbors, friends, and relatives and end up not getting access to their own houses when the person is either ill or out of town too.


Would you expect someone else to be available 24/7 because they are holding your key? What we do at Anderson Home Watch Services is offer you a Key Holder service that is not only low cost but also gives you as-needed access when you are away.

The Key Holder Plan service is perfect when you are looking for a low-cost option to allow access to your home on an "as needed" basis. Additionally, Anderson Key Holder Service is designed for any homeowner from a busy professional, frequent traveler, or just away on vacation or holiday.

How it works

The Anderson Home Watch holds on to a copy of your house key based on your instructions; we go to your house to grant access to your home.


Very simple Key Holder Plan which allows you to pay an hourly rate for your needs.

  • We meet and grant access to technicians and contractors; we can also send you photos of the work done.

  • We wait and meet up with vendors at your house.

  • We accept important deliveries to your homes since you won’t be available to receive them.

  • We meet with renters or friends at the beginning or end of their stay in your houses.

  • We check your homes after a storm or power outage.

  • We make local contact for alarm, fire, police, neighborhood association, etc.

  • We do arrival and departure services by making the house ready for your arrival 

  • Lockout assistance

  • After each visit to your home, we will E-mail a time and GPS stamped report to you with details of what was done. Why not trust a professional that is insured and bonded to provide you peace of mind while you are unavailable?

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